The Glasgow Subway is the third-oldest system in the world (after London and Budapest), the ring line was opened in 1896 and has never been expanded since. For the first 26 years, the Subway operated as a cable railway according to the principle of the famous cable cars in San Francisco: The rope was continuously in motion and the carriages were released from the rope during the stops in the stations.

The system has some more peculiarities: its track gauge of 4 feet (1,219 millimetres) is extremely rare. Also noticeable is its extremely small tunnel diameter: the trains have a height of only 2.65 metres above rails, resulting in an usable height of less than two metres at 70 centimetres high platforms. Therefore, claustrophobics should better avoid the orange vehicles.

The Subway is operated by → Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).
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